From Vision Maker Media: Growing Native, PBS Online Film Festival, What is Home?

by Mike Martz on April 10, 2013

The Latest GROWING NATIVE Blog : “Festival of Native Arts” by Blue Tarpalechee (Muscogee)

What does Growing Native mean to you? That is a question we posed to the Growing Native Advisory Council as we went through pre-production. The answers we received were varied, but connected – it’s growing us as a people in a way that sustains us as a people, it’s taking things that we knew and that worked in the past and building on that, it’s illustrating the interconnectedness of everything that we do.

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PBS Online Film Festival: Watch the Winners and All The Films That Competed Online for Free

The PBS Online Film Festival is now over, but you can still watch, online for free, the winners and all the films that competed.

Congratulations to Hoverboard for having the most views onYouTube. Congratulations as well to The Story of an Egg, which had the most views over all and to the winner of the People’s Choice Award — Live Art.

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“What is Home?”  by Cindy Renner and Larry Wright, Jr.

The trial of Standing Bear opened on April 30, 1879. The date is a great way for teachers to introduce their students to this important part of history and teachers can use the educational resources developed for to help them paint a clearer picture for their students about Standing Bear, his trial and the issues involved.

Editor’s Note: This is an account from the curricula developers for the Standing Bear’s Footsteps educational site — Cindy Renner and Larry Wright, Jr. They talk about their experience at the National Council for the Social Studies Annual Convention this past November.

This session was presented as a three-hour clinic. We began our session with introductions and a question prompt of “What is ‘home’?” Each participant shared, with one even highlighting that where she lived wasn’t her ‘home’. This was a perfect transition into the introduction, “What is ‘home’ for the Poncas?” Larry led a brief discussion about the historical aspects of the tribe and how the documentary, curriculum and the workshop sections of the project began to take shape.

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