Herron and Edgmon plan to work together

by Angela Denning-Barnes on January 23, 2013

House District 37 Representative Bob Herron

The Alaska Legislature’s new session began last week, including the start of a new two year cycle. For the next two years at least, communities near Bethel are split between Representative Bob Herron of Bethel and Representative Bryce Edgmon of Dillingham. It is the result of redistricting that changed the districts in which communities belong.

“Bob and I essentially swapped about 20 plus communities,” Edgmon said. “So, my district now goes into the lower and middle Kuskokwim. And Bob’s goes down the coast of Bristol Bay all the way down into the Aleutian chain.”

Bob Herron said, “Bryce has become nearly a land only representative where as I’ve become an island representative: the chain, the Pribilofs, Mekoryuk, and all the communities on the Peninsula, but the way they did is Bethel is an island. Bryce gets to enjoy to represent all the villages surrounding Bethel, even as close as Oscarville.”

Oscarville is about five miles from Bethel.

Although the two representatives agree it’s not the best situation, they say they will make the most of it and work closely together to cover all their constituents.

“If someone calls from his former office, calling him looking for help, he’ll refer them to my office,” Herron said. “And again, if someone calls from my former villages, we’ll refer them to him, but we’ll work together. Basically all the villages in the Bethel area and all the villages on the Aleutians get two representatives instead of one.”

Herron and Edgmon spoke on KYUK’s Legislative Update show, which runs every Wednesday morning at 8:15 a.m. during the morning news.

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