Hot Drawing Finale: Swansons, Casey’s Carpet and an Uluaq

by Shane Iverson on October 15, 2013

Today is the final day of KYUK’s Fall Fundraiser and we’re going to the last second with the help of some generous local supporters. Anyone who pledges to KYUK before midnight will be entered into a hot drawing for $100 Gift Certificate from Swansons, a $100 certificate from Casey’s Carpet and an uluaq fashioned by Moses Tulim.


1 ticket: $5 KYUK Contributor
2 ticket: $25 KYUK Full Member*
3 tickets: $60 KYUK Supporter Member*
4 tickets: $120 KYUK Sustainer Member*
5 tickets: $360 KYUK Provider Member**
6 tickets: $540 KYUK Ultimate Provider**

To pledge your support to KYUK click here or call (907) 543-3131.

*ticket in Grand Prize drawing
**(2) tickets in Grand Prize drawing

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