Hot Drawing victors Carroll and Ingvalson win Bethel-centric tees

by Shane Iverson on October 7, 2013

"Ravens Roost and Salmon Spawn... Bethel, Alaska".  Shirts donated by Reyne Athanas.

“Ravens Roost and Salmon Spawn… Bethel, Alaska”. Shirts donated by Reyne Athanas.

Louise Carroll and Danny and Sandra Ingvalson will be looking sharp and showing off their pride in Bethel after winning KYUK’s latest hot drawing. Each won a set of mens and womens t-shirts courtesy of Reyne Athanas.

The first set each have a silk screen of raven and salmon; one in brown and the other in purple.

The second set shows off Bethel’s unique dumpster art (mens shirt) as well as our pride in dog mushing and fishing.

"Dumpster Art of Bethel" and  "Where Salmon Run and Dogs Race. Bethel, Alaska" . Shirts donated by Reyne Athanas.

“Dumpster Art of Bethel” and “Where Salmon Run and Dogs Race. Bethel, Alaska.” Shirts donated by Reyne Athanas.

The hot drawing took place just after 8:00pm on Monday, Oct. 8.

A pledge of any amount gets your name put into the drawing, but you’ll increase your chances with each level of support your willing to pledge.

The more you donate, the better your chances of winning the one of two t-shirt sets.


1 ticket: $5 KYUK Contributor
2 ticket: $25 KYUK Full Member
3 tickets: $60 KYUK Supporter Member
4 tickets: $120 KYUK Sustainer Member
5 tickets: $360 KYUK Provider Member
6 tickets: $540 KYUK Ultimate Provider

To pledge your support to KYUK click here or call (907) 543-KYUK (5985).

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