Hout and Williams get life in prison

by Angela Denning-Barnes on February 3, 2012

Theresa Smith, Kaiser's aunt, after the sentence was read. Photo by Chris Ho.

Jeffrey Hout of Bethel and Harry Williams of Kwethluk will never be free men again, after receiving life sentences Friday afternoon in Bethel Superior Court. Both men were sentenced to 104 years without parole for killing 19-year-old Benjamin Kaiser of Hooper Bay.

The sentence was decided by Fairbanks Judge Michael McDonald, who presided over the trial in October.

McDonald said Hout and Williams intended to kill Benjamin Kaiser. He called their torture of Kaiser, “inexplicable” and “unrelenting savagery”. The judge rejected all efforts by the defense seeking leniency and said the men needed to be in jail for life because they posed an extreme danger to the public.

Before the sentencing, the court heard an emotional testimony from Kaiser’s aunt, Theresa Smith. She said that she represented the family and they wanted more than 99 years; they wanted life in prison.

Stay tuned to KYUK. We will hear from Kaiser’s family and the sentencing during KYUK’s news Monday.

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