Kaiser and Williams 77 miles from finish line

by Angela Denning-Barnes on March 13, 2012

Pete Kaiser arrives in Elim, March 12. Photo by Sebastian Schnuelle, ADN.

A champion will be named this evening in the Iditarod. Pete Kaiser, 25 of Bethel, and Mike Williams Jr., 27 of Akiak, will not be far behind. They are taking their 8 hour mandatory break in White Mountain, 77 miles from the finish line in 5th and 9th place respectively.

Kaiser is in a comfortable 5th place right now. He has over a two hour lead on 6th place Ray Redington Jr. and is about 3 hours behind Aaron Burmeister who is in 4th place. Kaiser has hung on to the 5th place for over a day.

Meanwhile, Williams has moved up to 9th place. He’s about 50 minutes behind 8th place John Baker and over an hour ahead of 10th place Sigrid Ekran.

Kaiser will be able to leave White Mountain at 2:55 p.m. and Williams can leave at 6:18 p.m.

Dallas Seavey is currently in 1st place. As of 11:30 a.m. the GPS trackers showed Aliy Zirkle in 2nd place, 7 miles behind him. Ramey Smyth is 3rd, four miles behind Zirkle, and Aaron Burmeister was still in White Mountain.

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