Kangrilnguum cali qanrutakut part 2

by Sophie Evan on March 27, 2013

Dr. Paul John students  photo by S.Evan

Dr. Paul John students photo by S.Evan

Yup’ik leader, Dr. Paul John of Toksook Bay, gave a lecture at the Kuskokwim Campus in Bethel last week. Yesterday we heard how Dr. John’s belief in himself as a Yup’ik man has made him a much sought after consultant on just about everything. In part two of our series on his lecture, we hear about his work with AVCP’s permanent museum exhibit. As KYUK’s Sophie Evan reports, Dr. John also reiterated the importance of believing in oneself and making positive life choices.

Yup’ik story, listen here
English story, listen here

Dr. Paul John was acting as consultant with AVCP’s museum staff as they went through their extensive Yup’ik artifacts collection. Participant John McIntyre says the collection here has more items then any other museum exhibit in the world, surpassing even the Smithsonian. Dr. John was on hand to make sure each item was identified correctly, along with how the item was made, and how and when it was used. In the arrow collection, he noted that a certain arrow was missing, the kind for hunting waterfowl.

Dr. John says planning for the permanent exhibit is way to show future generations the cold weather technology our Yup’ik ancestors used. He says the exhibit will have young Yup’ik saying, aha, so this is how Yup’ik people survived and lived before western civilization.
He says the exhibit will help Yup’ik people affirm their heritage and believe in themselves as a Yup’ik.

Dr. John stressed the importance of realizing one’s self worth as a Yup’ik person and not to belittle oneself too much. He says imaginations will be sparked and self-worth realized by future Yup’ik generations as they see and understand the Yup’ik artifacts. Dr. John says a person is always learning and understanding life.

Dr. John’s advice is to constantly be aware of what is going on around oneself, and to remember the good and bad consequences to making life decisions. He says remembering and knowing the truth and consequence should push one to make the right decision that ends in happiness and not regret. That one has to be self-vigilant with the ability to be their own guidance counselor by following the Yup’ik laws for a healthy and productive life.

In part three of Dr. Paul John’s lecture, we will hear questions participants asked and the answers he gave.

Sophie Evan KYUK news.

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