Kipnuk man arrested for importing booze

by Angela Denning-Barnes on November 4, 2011

A Kipnuk man was arrested Wednesday at an air carrier in Bethel for allegedly transporting $2,000 worth of alcohol to a dry village. Drug and alcohol enforcement troopers arrested David Dock, age 55 of Kipnuk, after finding alcohol in his luggage.

Officers seized 4 bottles of whiskey and 5 Liters of wine. The officers received a tip that Dock had the alcohol with him. They arrested him on charges of importing alcohol and brought him to the jail in Bethel.

Kipnuk residents voted to ban all alcohol through Alaska’s local option law.

In an unrelated investigation, Bethel Troopers are investigating a freight box in Sheldon’s Point that contained alcohol. They say someone shipped ten bottles of alcohol to the village, and they are trying figure out who is involved. They have identified suspects. Sheldon’s Point is another dry community in the Y-K Delta.

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