Kotlik reconnects water pump

by Ben Matheson on November 19, 2013

Kotlik’s water pump is back in operation. City Manager Lori Mike says crews connected the pump to the river Tuesday and were pumping in new water by the afternoon.

Mike was hoping that some homes without damage could be fully connected soon to the water and sewer systems. The main sewage pipe to the lagoon was displaced with the storm surge. Crews worked with raw manpower Tuesday, as volunteers pulled on ropes to move the pipe back in place.

Residents have been using imported water for drinking and cooking. They used honeybuckets while the sewage line was out. Mike says 14 homes were impacted with water and ice damage from the storm earlier this month.

AVCP has set up an account for donation with Wells Fargo. It’s called Kotlik City Council, Kotlik Flood Relief. You can also donate to the Red Cross at redcross.org/alaska.

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