Kusko Ice Classic Tripod Shifts

by Daysha Eaton on May 2, 2014

The 2014 Kuskokwim Ice Classic Tripod being set up.

The 2014 Kuskokwim Ice Classic Tripod being set up on April 2nd.

Kevin Morgan with Bethel Community Services Foundation, which organizes the Kuskokwim Ice Classic, says the tripod on the ice in front of Bethel moved Friday.

“This afternoon at about 12:50 pm, the tripod moved about 100 feet and stopped. And right now it is not moving. However, the clocks have not been tripped yet. There is 100 yards in the spool before the clocks get tripped,” said Morgan.

The jackpot this year is $6,302.50. Whoever guesses closest to the actual time clock stops will take home the entire pot or split it, if there are multiple guesses for the same winning time.

Bethel Regional High School will earn $5,722.50 for their student ticket sales and Ice Classic database entry efforts. BRHS student activities groups that will benefit from the earnings this year are Music, Native Youth Olympics and Special Olympics.

Staff are still entering guesses into the Ice Classic database and if the clock is tripped this weekend, results might not be available until next week.

The Breakup Bash Celebration, sponsored by BCSF, will take place at the riverfront. Most years, the celebration happens the same day the river breaks- but that is dependent on the time of day that the river goes out.

New this year, people an view the tripod online through BCSF’s tripod cam.

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