Kuskokwim advisory committee to meet in Bethel

by Angela Denning-Barnes on November 8, 2013

Representatives from 13 villages along the Lower Kuskokwim River will be meeting Monday and Tuesday in Bethel to talk about fish and game. The Lower Kuskokwim Fish and Game Advisory Committee will meet at the Long House Conference Room starting at 8:30 a.m.

Advisory council members will be considering proposals for the Alaska Board of Game. Comment on proposals for the Arctic Western Region are due Dec. 27. Comments for the Interior and Statewide proposals are due Feb. 28.

The two-day meeting will allow for public comment, scheduled to happen before lunch on Monday.

Monday afternoon will include resource reports from several entities including the State’s Fish and Game Department, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Coastal Villages Region Fund, the Association of Village Council Presidents, and ONC Bethel’s Native Tribe.

On Tuesday, advisory council members will consider proposals from the state and the federal offices. They also plan to attend the public hearing happening at the cultural center regarding the federal subsistence board’s rural determination for Bethel as well as the 2014 King Salmon Management issue.

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