Thanks to Our Members and to Our Volunteers

by Mike Martz on August 20, 2013

Our Fall Membership Fundraiser is off to a fantastic start. We’ve passed the $12,000 mark and still have over a week left to make our goal of $20,000. Thank you to all our generous supporters.

We have another round of drawings coming up plus our grand prize drawing on the last day of the fundraiser, October 16th. Everyone who had made a membership donation will be entered in this drawing for some great prizes including 25,000 Alaska Airlines Miles, a round trip ticket on Alaska Airlines and more.

You can make a donation and see all these prizes on our Fundraiser Page.

I also want to take a moment to acknowledge and thank our volunteers who donate their time and talents to KYUK. We have eight volunteers with radio shows: Mark Osterman, “The Music You Live”;  Shannon cogan and James Wayne;  “Rough Tunes for Smooth Folks”;  Brian Berube, “Stinkhead Stew”;  Thomas Aliberti, “Sound Safari”;  Josie Stern, “Outside the Box”;  our own Ryan Shore with “Saturday Sessions”;  Dexter Kairaiuak, “Dexter’s Lab” and Jean Brinich, our longest serving volunteer, with “Classical Sundays”.

We have five volunteers who host talk shows. Zach Fansler, Joe Moses and Diane McEachern are the hosts of Talkline on Friday mornings. Fran Reich continues to be a substitute host for Talkline. Fritz Charles hosts the Monday Yup’ik talk show,  Yuk To Yuk.

And in addition to those folks, Tina Powers, Carolyne Moses, Monica Sheldon, Jenni Dobson and Quentin Simeon lend their voices to recording public service announcements and promos on an as needed basis.

We’re always looking for more people interested and willing to donate their time and talents to support KYUK.  There are ways to help that don’t require being live on the air, so if you’re interested, don’t be shy, give us a call.

Thanks to all our financial supporters and our volunteers for donating some of their hard earned money, time and talents to help keep local public media in Bethel and the Y/K Delta truely local.

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