LKSD and city mull armory mou

by Sophie Evan on December 11, 2012

The old National Guard Armory, which is being used as a gym for Ayaprun Elitnaurvik and Bethel Alternative Boarding School students is one step closer to being available to the public.

Ever since the local National Guard unit moved into its new readiness center last fall, the armory’s use and future life has been the topic of many discussions, here in Bethel. The National Guard has long said they would shut down the armory once they moved into their new building, but the city and school district have been looking at ways to keep it open for the public to use.
The LKSD Board Friday approved a Memorandum Of Understanding or M-O-U with the City of Bethel. The document has thirteen clauses, including that the two entities will split the cost of armory maintenance 50-50. Still in question is how each side will pay for the armory use. LKSD currently leases the armory for $10-thousand dollars per school year.
The Bethel City Council meets tonight and will discuss where their funding will come from.

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