Local teen experiences parenting

by Sophie Evan on November 21, 2012

Geraldine and cyber doll photo by Angela Denning-Barnes

The youngest member of the K-Y-U-K staff recently arrived at work with a computerized baby doll. The infant sized doll looked and sounded real which caught our attention. Sophie Evan spoke with KYUK’s birthday call in show host about her mock parenting.

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Geraldine Brink hosts KYUK’s popular birthday call in show daily. Brink is attending BABS or the Bethel Alternative Boarding School and is part of the work-based learning program. She says caring for the computerized infant over the weekend was homework for her personal life skills class. Brink says her teacher will be able to download data from the baby to see how well Geraldine cared for the doll.

Already, two hours into her mock parenting, Geraldine had to re-arrange her normal weekend plans like, cancelling a basketball game and planning to forego church on Sunday morning. Brink and the computerized infant are electronically attached via a wristband. She explains her homework.

Cut 1 “to learn how to take care for a kid and to prevent teen pregnancy, I guess, and experience how to have a baby, and these are like real ones, they wake up at night anytime, it’s getting harder and I did the birthday line and he was crying, laughter, I was panicking it seems real and heavy

and I already need a massage, laughter, and they can feed for like 20 minutes, ya if I, like right now if you hear the clicking noise it’s going to start crying, if you tip the head on accident, it will cry like crazy, I need to shake him for a while, till he coos, and I have a wristband for it to know I’m there, and it will make a clicking sound, like right now, and the pamper has different colors and magnet stuff that go in the back to know I changed it, if I tip the head too much, one tip is six points off, so if I tip it too much I’ll fail it , and if it cries a lot, I’ll fail too, like right now he’s sleeping you can hear him breathing, and at night it’ll wake up anytime.” 1:35

Geraldine passed her weekend end parenting test by 80-percent. BABS provides a new start for students who have left school, or are not experiencing success in their current school. Students may choose to work towards an LKSD diploma, a G-E-D certificate, or job, vocational, and life skills. Sophie Evan KYUK news.

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