Markwardt Wins Bethel Half Marathon

by Ben Matheson on June 16, 2014

Bethel 2014 Half Marathon Course. Map via and Google Maps.

Bethel 2014 Half Marathon Course. Map via and Google Maps.

21 runners, three relay teams, and two dozen walkers and bikers completed the Bethel Half Marathon on Saturday evening. Darin Markwardt crossed the finish line first for the men, completing the 13.1 miles in 1 hour, 36 minutes, and 2 seconds. Santina Hancock was the top female finisher with a final time of 1 hour, 56 minutes, and thirty two seconds.

Rounding out the top three from the men were Andrew Shand in second, and Leif Albertson in third. For the women, Renae Bedingfield and Louise Russell took the silver and bronze.

The top relay team included Ben Kuntz, Andrew Angstman and Nate Peters.

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Complete Results:

Men’s Half Marathon Runners:

1 Darin Markwardt 1:36.02
2 Andrew Shand 1:39.21
3 Leif Albertson 1:42.51
4 Ed Klem 1:44:07
5 Ben Matheson 1:49:54
6 Sven Williams 2:05:54
7 Fred Broerman 2:10:29
8 Silas Hessler 2:10:41
9 Sean Williams 2:13:26
10 Colin Freitas 2:28:56
11 CJ Byrd 2:29:57

Women’s Half Marathon Runners:

1 Santina Hancock 1:56:32
2 Renae Bedingfield 2:01:16
3 Louise Russell 2:02:29
4 Jen Peeks 2:02:34
5 Sarah Angstman 2:08:16
6 Beth Little 2:13:26
7 Christina Polachi 2:16:47
8 K.C. D’Onfro 2:16:47
9 Carvalena Alexie 2:28:22
10 Casey Stockdale 2:32:07

Walkers, bikers, others:

Tim Self
Jennifer Lent
Karin Siebenmorgan
Dolly Angstman
Joy Anderson
Robin Lawrence
Clif Hunter
Roberta Chavez
Victoria Hardwick
Richard Ady
Leslie Herrmann
Elizabeth Roll
Stephanie Compton
David Compton
Kristyn Gawin
Bailey Woolfstead
Sandra E Lopez
Ellen Hodges
Michelle Dewitt
Kathleen Pelkin
Francince Chiklak
Katie Rearden
Michael Chung
Steven Chung
Eric Whitney

Ben Kuntz
Andrew Angstman
Nate Peters 1:42:00

Greg Lavin
LJ Davis &
Brandon Forst
(“Team Gazelle J”) 1:56:32

Katrine Funk &
Ariane Cassista 2:13:00

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