Mike Williams Junior racing in lead Iditarod pack on day one

by Ben Matheson on March 3, 2014

Mike Williams Junior is racing with the front pack in Iditarod 42. He was the fourth musher into Rainy Pass at 7:10 this morning. He rested 3.5 hours and left by 10:00 a.m. He started the race with 15 dogs and dropped one in Finger Lake to make a team of 14 dogs. He spent nearly three hours resting in Skwenta, banking rest in a checkpoint that most mushers blazed through. Also on the trail to Rohn as of 11:30 Monday are Kelly Maixner, Nicholas Petit, Martin Buser, and Paul Gebhardt.

Martin Buser was first to Rainy pass at 542. he rested for 4 hours, and has apparently modified his fast start maneuver. Last year he ran all the way to Rohn before doing his 24 hour layover.

Pete Kaiser arrived in to the Finger Lake checkpoint at 7:53 and is going on 4.5 hours rest there. He took 7 hours to make it into Skwenta, apparently resting along the way. Aniak’s Richie Diehl left Finger Lake at 10:12 this morning.

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