National Guard launches helicopter to medevac Stony River man

by Ben Matheson on February 28, 2014

Air National Guard crews medevaced a snowmachiner from Stony River who was injured early Friday morning.
According to the Rescue Coordination Center, the man and his wife were both thrown from the snowmachine about nine miles outside town.

The man’s wife was able to drive her husband to the clinic, where the staff called a doctor in Bethel. They made the decision to send him on to further treatment. That required a helicopter, because troopers could not fly at night and air ambulances would not be able to land at the unlit airport.

Crews from JBER launched an HH-60 helicopter with support from a C-130 landed at the community’s runway, a few blocks from the clinic and brought the man to Anchorage for further treatment.

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