The two houses of the state Legislature have yet to agree on a budget plan. Today, Tuesday, April 25 a Senate committee plans to hear public testimony on the House bill to implement an income tax and re-structure how the earnings of the Permanent Fund are distributed. 

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One Bethel City Council member has left her seat and another is soon to follow.

Council Member Nikki Hoffman resigned from Council on April 13, and the Council is scheduled to choose her replacement at its meeting tonight. Vice Mayor Byron Maczynski is also resigning from the Council as of tomorrow, Wednesday. The Council will discuss how to fill his seat at today's meeting.

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If you need a new driver’s license, get it before the end of the week. Starting May 1 the Bethel DMV Office will be closing indefinitely until a new employee is hired.

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If your nearest dumpster in Bethel is overflowing, that should be getting emptied soon. The city’s dump truck is back on the road today, Tuesday, April 24 after being out of commission for more than a week.

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This week the Yukon Kuskokwim Health Corporation is offering to test Bethel water tanks for bacteria at no cost.

Courtesy of Joseph Lake

Thirty-nine year old Joseph Lake texted his brother-in-law Friday evening, saying that he, his cousin and nephew were anchored in the Bering Sea. Lake had just ran out of gas, had five-percent battery on his phone, and had just barely drifted into cell phone range.

Getting an Education at Spring Camp

Apr 24, 2017
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It’s Spring! Springtime brings forth such fond memories of my childhood.

Ice Fishing with the Gill-man

Apr 21, 2017
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Spring is around the corner, if not here already and it is time to head down the frozen Kuskokwim River highway to your favorite ice fishing spot to jig for pike fish otherwise known as Luqruuyiit, the Yup’ik word for pike fish.

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How can the Calista region reduce its fossil fuel use, increase energy efficiency, and use those changes to create jobs? That’s the question a group of YK Delta communities and energy organizations gathered in Bethel on Wednesday to begin answering. For direction and inspiration, the group turned to four villages on Kuskokwim Bay where those goals are already happening.

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Conservation and stock rebuilding will once again be the path forward this summer for salmon management, with managers making decisions during the season, based on how many fish show up.