Newtok welcomes guests before their trip over to the new village site, Mertarvik.
Christine Trudeau / KYUK

Over the last month and a half, a decade-long project to move the YK Delta village of Newtok is finally beginning to take shape. KYUK’s Christine Trudeau was at the new village site last Thursday for the ribbon cutting in Mertarvik, which means “a place for water." The new community is safely above the rising water, which threatens the village of Newtok.



Update: The Red Cross is also providing assistance. Individuals who have been displaced by a fire can contact the Red Cross disaster team 24 hours at 907-646-5400.

A child is dead and a family’s belongings destroyed after a house fire in Toksook Bay on Saturday.

This weeks guest on City Corner: City Attorney Patty Burley.
ChristineTrudeau / KYUK

Bethel City Attorney Patty Burley is the guest on KYUK’s City Corner this week, where we went over the sales tax code rewrite currently on the City Council’s agenda.



Dean Swope / KYUK

Only piles of charred rubble remain of an unoccupied house that burned in Bethel this weekend. The cause of the fire is unknown and under investigation.

Katie Basile / KYUK

Fitness is no longer taking a day off.

Anna Rose MacArthur / KYUK

A new court case argues that the way in which state juries are selected in Alaska discriminates against rural, Native communities. The case could significantly impact the Delta’s court system if it’s successful.

Alaska Department of Fish and Game

Moose season is less than a month away. As hunters begin applying for permits for the Kuskokwim, here are some changes to know about.

Marine Mammal Commission

Two weeks ago, locals killed a gray whale on the Kuskokwim river without international or federal authorization. Meanwhile, a tribe in the lower 48 has been fighting a political battle for decades to gain recognition for its traditional right to hunt gray whales.

A Newtok Village Council Elder gathered with financial and government stakeholders at the Mertarvik site for the ribbon cutting ceremony on August 10, 2017.
Christine Trudeau / KYUK

Newtok has taken a big step in its effort to relocate its entire village upriver. On Thursday, the village celebrated a ribbon cutting ceremony at the new Mertarvik village site with financial and government stakeholders in attendance. KYUK reporter Christine Trudeau was there, and she joins News Director Anna Rose MacArthur in the KYUK studios to discuss the event.


Chris Johnson / NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center

Today on Fish Talk, KYUK continues our conversation about gray whales by discussing the long political struggle the Makah Tribe in Washington state is undergoing to regain its whaling rights.