Alaska Federation of Natives

The Alaska Federation of Natives is keeping a close eye on the new administration of President Donald Trump. The Native organization's board is developing ways to negotiate with the current government in Washington, participate in decision making, and advance Alaska Native priorities.

Mekoryuk Senior, Jayne Hanna, Receives National ACT Award

May 9, 2017
Jayne Hanna repairing her team's robot in between matches at the FTC Qualifier, in Fairbanks. Dec, 2016.
Courtesy of Vicki Nechodomu

Hanna is one of four students in the nation awarded the National ACT Student Readiness Exemplar Award, each receiving a total of $5,000 each. In her application, Hanna chose to highlight the connection she has with her community and her commitment to always finding the silver lining.

Bethel City Council Gears Up To Appoint New Vice Mayor

May 8, 2017

On Tuesday, Bethel City Council is again set to consider a proposed amendment to the Ports and Harbor code. The complex measure looks at re-defining Port Commission and Port Director duties, making major changes to commercial barge traffic, and changing how boats are launched at the harbor.

As of Sunday evening, May 7, 2017, an ice jam above Bogus Creek has backed up large sheets of black ice as well as sticks and logs all the way to the Wise Fish Camp.
Earl Samuelson

The Kuskokwim ice has broken, but the river isn’t clear yet. Ice and debris is still flowing downstream and posing a danger to boats.

Dean Swope / KYUK

Fourteen degrees and 11 certificates were awarded Friday to students of the University of Alaska Fairbanks, Kuskokwim University Campus. For some, the road through higher education hasn’t been the easiest to travel, but now KUC graduates efforts have finally paid off.

Anna Rose MacArthur / KYUK Public Media

2:51 a.m., Saturday, May 6. That’s the official time of breakup on the Kuskokwim this year, when the thawing river carried the Ice Classic Tripod downstream, stopping the clock and marking the start of spring.

Carrying On The Legacy Of Yuyaraq, The Way Of Life

May 8, 2017
Katie Basile / KYUK

After this year's Yup'ik Heritage Week at Bethel Regional High School, a three-day Yuraq Yup’ik Dance Festival took place in the school gymnasium.

Dancers have come from villages across the Yukon Kuskokwim Delta for this year’s Dance Festival. This is the first year Yuraq has been held in Bethel, as it has traveled in the past from village to village. It’s one of the few times of year when groups can come together, listen to songs from other villages —some they may have never heard before—, and even join in with other dance groups.

The Bethel City Council has placed the Tundra Liquor Cache permit application for a liquor store back on the Planning Commission's table, following Thursday night’s appeal hearing. The City Council hasn’t granted Tundra Liquor an appeal, but rather, sought further clarification on its initial denial of a conditional use permit.

National Weather Service

The Kuskokwim River breakup front has stalled about 15 miles upstream of Tuluksak. Meanwhile, the Upper River ice around McGrath and Sleetmute has started making its way downstream. KYUK spoke with River Watch team member Andy Dixon for an update Friday afternoon.

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

A muskox is stranded on Triangle Island, a small piece of land about three miles north of Nunivak Island. There’s little food and no fresh water on the small island. And the state doesn’t expect the animal to survive for long.