No one hurt in a Yute Air emergency landing on frozen lake

by Ben Matheson on February 28, 2014

A Yute Air Cessna 207 made an emergency landing on a frozen lake outside Nightmute yesterday evening. The pilot was the only person aboard the aircraft and was unharmed.

Yute Air Director of Operations Dan Knesek tells KYUK that there was minimal to no damage to the aircraft. He says the pilot used his experience to ensure a safe emergency landing.

Yute says they are still investigating the cause of the emergency. They’ve spoken with NTSB and will be working with FAA on the incident. They are developing plans to bring back the 207 from the frozen lake. The pilot was heading back to Bethel from Tununuk when he was forced to bring the plane down.

The pilot was picked up about 12 miles east of town by three snowmachiners from Nightmute around 7 in the evening. Yute sent a plane to bring him home. The investigation continues.

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