Ordinance banning July 4 silly string sales fails in Bethel city council

by Kyle Clayton on June 13, 2013

Kids will be free to spray silly string and hair coloring spray during July 4 festivities after the Bethel City Council failed to vote Tuesday night on an ordinance that would have banned their sale between June 15 through July 15.

Vendor Rebecca Meyers protested the proposed ban in front of the council saying the timing of the ordinance was inconvenient.

“I personally arranged for my order to be shipped on the barge from Seattle way back in March,” Meyers says. “I’ve spent thousands of dollars on products and shipping which is already in Bethel that I would have no idea what to do with if you passed this ordinance.”

The proposal was first brought before the council May 28th.  According to the ordinance, the hair coloring spray stains wood and clothing and the cleanup is costly.

After hearing from other members of the public who were also opposed, Mayor Joe Klejka opened the floor for a motion.

“Is there anyone who wishes to make a motion to adopt,” Klejka says. “I’m not surprised. Alright for failure for motion to adopt the ordinance fails. “

Inmates from the Tundra Center will help clean up after the celebrations.

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