Orthodox celebrate Pascha

by Sophie Evan on May 3, 2013

05.03.13 Fr. Elia Although many Christians around the world have celebrated Easter already, the Orthodox faithful are celebrating Pascha this Sunday. The Yukon Kuskokwim region has 27 predominately Russian Orthodox villages.
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Bethel’s Saint Sophia Russian Orthodox church held passion week services all week in preparation of Russian Orthodox Easter or Pascha. Father Elia serves an estimated one thousand Russian Orthodox faithful here in Bethel. Father Elia led the Thursday night service.


There are Good Friday services all day Friday, with an all night service scheduled for Saturday at midnight. That’s where parishioners worship all night until day break. The sunrise service is followed by a potluck breakfast. A schedule of services can be seen at Bethel Orthodox dot org.

For KYUK, I’m Sophie Evan.

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