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by Mike Martz on February 22, 2012

In these times of smart phones, IPads, XM Radio, satellite and cable television and the Internet bringing to our lives access to media of all descriptions from far distant locations, the need for a source of truly local media that serves the local community is greater than ever.  For 40 years KYUK has been that single local media source for the people of the Yukon/Kuskokwim Delta and we take that responsibility very seriously.  As the sole provider of local news and information our news team works hard everyday to ensure they provide the most accurate and in-depth reporting possible on the issues and stories that affect our community.  They do this in both English and Yup’ik three times a day on 640 AM radio and on our website, kyuk.org.  They do this both because it’s their responsibility as journalists but also because they live in the community, too. This is especially true for our Yup’ik reporters, born and raised in the region, who speak directly to their extended families and their communities in their Native language.

When our journalists reported on a brutal murder and trial that rocked the community of Bethel and the region, they did so with sensitivity and care because this is their home, too.  When they followed low King Salmon numbers in the Kuskokwim River, they understood how critical the impact of this news is for the people of the region who rely on this vital food source because they fish for King Salmon themselves. Last spring, when a Kuskokwim river ice jam flooded Crooked Creek, destroying twelve homes in this tiny village of 200,  our journalists were there on the scene bringing the story of the magnitude of this disaster to the rest of the state with a perspective rooted in the fact that they also live along the Kuskokwim River and understand its power.   During the legislative session they are in weekly contact with State Senator Lyman Hoffman and Representative Bob Herron and track and report on legislation and policies affecting the Y/K Delta region.  Our  reporters also continue to be consistent contributors to APRN’s statewide public radio news program Alaska News Nightly bringing the stories of the Y/K Delta to listeners across Alaska .

As 2012 begins we renew our commitment to bring to you, our listeners,  quality local news and public affairs information that will truly reflect the interests, perspectives and issues important to us all.

Thank you for your support of local public media for the Yukon/Kuskokwim Delta.

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