Outback Garry’s Down Under Show

by Shore on December 28, 2010

Tune in every Friday night from 8-9 pm for good music and fun times, including dumb criminal stories, stupid laws, and useless information segments.

Your host, Outback Garry, features a WIDE variety of classic hits from all decades and genres, in particular: Rock, Classic, Funk, Country, and of course some great Aussie music! You name it and chances are he’ll play it.

That’s the Down Under Radio Show- variety with an Australian bent.  As Garry would say: “th, th, th, th, see you then mates!”

Meet your host, Outback Garry

Garry was born just outside Sydney, Australia in 1962. At the age of 7, Garry moved with his family across the country to Perth in Western Australia where he spent the rest of his formative years and adulthood.

Garry has worked careers in many fields including Information Technology, Social Services Disability, Boilermaking and Automotive Engineering. His experience performing in amateur theatre and DJ’ing for the local Police and Citizens Youth Club ‘Blue Light Discos’ (for youth under 18) prepared him with the development of valuable skills he draws from to host the Down Under show today.

Since February 2010, Garry has lived in Bethel with his wife and two young children. He enjoys all things Aviation, has a private pilot’s license with Aerobatic and Formation endorsements and has competed in Aerobatic competition.

Garry would love to hear from listeners with requests and feedback. Send him an email at Garry@kyuk.org

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