Anna Rose MacArthur

News Director

Anna Rose MacArthur is the KYUK News Director. She got her start reporting in Alaska at KNOM in Nome and then traveled South to report with KRTS in Marfa, Texas. Anna Rose soon missed rural Alaska and returned to the bush to join KYUK in September 2015. Anna Rose is a Transom Story Workshop graduate.

The rotting Kuskokwim River at Crooked Creek on April 24, 2018.
Mark Leary / Native Village of Napaimute

Breakup has begun on the Upper Kuskokwim, and the rest of the river is expected to follow soon. Rain and warming temperatures are rapidly weakening the ice, and Search and Rescue groups are issuing travel warnings urging people to stay off the river.

The Russian Mission airstrip should be fully functional again as soon as Tuesday afternoon. Over the weekend, a group of young children smashed more than 50 runway lights in a single evening, destroying the lighting system. That meant no planes could land after dark, including medevacs.

Open holes have appeared near Tuluksak and Kwethluk, and the rest of the river is expected to break up soon. 

Extreme ice encasing a GCI communications tower near Scammon Bay has disrupted phone and internet services throughout the area since March.

Lower Yukon and nearby coastal communities can expect spotty phone and internet services to continue. Unusually thick ice on a GCI communications tower near Scammon Bay has meant frequent service interruptions for surrounding communities since March.

Jessica Klejka grew up training dogs in Bethel and now works as a veterinarian in Big Lake. Her dog care skills shone as she took home fourth place and the Humanitarian Award in the Kobuk 440 Sled Dog Race this weekend in Northwest Alaska.

The public has the opportunity to anonymously let a review panel know about their experiences with the state Office of Children's Services.

Courtesy of the Yukon Kuskokwim Health Corporation


The final test results for the botulism initially found in preliminary tests on a native salad dish sold at the Cama-i Festival two weeks ago are taking a bit longer than expected. That’s due to having to import laboratory mice.


Napaimute's Oscar Samuelson and Mark Leary with dog Honey pretend to ride in the Lund skiff painted onto the legs of the Kuskokwim Ice Classic tripod on March 30, 2018. Also in the picture is Napaimute's ice road grader and the Kuskokwim ice road itself.
Courtesy of Mark Leary / Native Village of Napaimute

The Kuskokwim ice road from Bethel upriver to Chuathbaluk is ready for Easter travelers. Tribal road crews just hope that it will last through the weekend.

The remains of the front entryway where the fire started on the porch of the Kotlik Community Hall on March 26, 2018.
Alvin Aketachunak

Kotlik continues searching for the person allegedly responsible for burning down the village’s Community Hall and is working to replace what the fire destroyed.

Twenty-one years ago, Principal Ron Edwards and Sophomore Josh Palacios were killed by young shooter Evan Ramsey at Bethel Regional High School, in the Lower Kuskokwim School District.
Dean Swope / KYUK

How to better protect students from school shootings is a debate happening around the country.  There are some who can provide unique insights into this issue: the survivors of school shootings who chose to continue working in schools. KYUK talked with educators who survived the 1997 Bethel Regional High School shooting about changes they would like to see.