Teresa Cotsirilos


Teresa Cotsirilos reports on crime, criminal justice and public health in the Yukon Kuskokwim Delta.

A graduate of UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism, Cotsirilos most recently reported for Oakland North, where she covered Black Lives Matter and the Oakland Police Department. Her work has also appeared in the New York Times, the Nation and other publications.

Prior to becoming a journalist, Cotsirilos sold eyepatches and other pirate supplies in San Francisco, wrote for a travel guide in Jerusalem and taught sexual education in rural Namibia. Please send her news tips at

Calista has filed a confidential report under seal in their ongoing lawsuit against the corporation's former chairman, Wayne Don.
Teresa Cotsirilos/KYUK

The Calista Corporation is trying to keep a confidential report that might contain game-changing information about CEO Andrew Guy and a former Calista employee out of the public’s hands. 

Ruth Evon and other Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta elders speak at the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board meeting in the Bethel Cultural Center on May 22, 2018.
Teresa Cotsirilos/KYUK

You can’t buy alcohol from a store in Bethel today, and it’s not clear when you might be able to again.

The Alaska Alcoholic Beverage Control Board decided against renewing AC Quickstop’s liquor license on Tuesday night, effectively shutting down Bethel’s only operating liquor store.
Geraldine Brink/KYUK

AC Quickstop's liquor store will not be open Wednesday morning. In a game-changing and emotional decision, the Alaska Alcoholic Beverage Control Board decided against renewing AC Quickstop’s liquor license on Tuesday night, which effectively shut down Bethel’s only operating liquor store. The Board’s decision will go into effect immediately.

A Village Police Officer has been arrested in Mountain Village for tampering with evidence in a high-stakes murder case. John Hunter, age 22, is accused of stealing a cellphone from the victim’s body at the crime scene. The alleged theft could complicate a particularly brutal homicide case, which involves two teenagers and a robbery gone wrong.

Alaska Army National Guard Col. Wayne Don pledges the Oath of Office after being promoted to full colonel on July 14, 2017.

The Calista Corporation has taken its conflict with the former Chairman of its Board of Directors, Wayne Don, to court. In a lawsuit filed Monday, May 14, the corporation outlined a detailed argument against Don, who has refused to resign and claims the company’s Chief Executive Officer mishandled a sexual harassment complaint.

After months of infighting, Calista is taking its former chairman, Col. Wayne Don, to court.
Courtesy of Calista Corporation.

The Calista Corporation has had its fair share of infighting over the years, but the power struggle between CEO Andrew Guy and former chairman Col. Wayne Don is nastier than most. Both men are accusing each other of staging boardroom coups, abusing their authority, and lying to shareholders. Now, Calista is trying to forcibly remove Don from its board by taking him to court.

A couple from Tuntutuliak found a body on Sunday afternoon, washed up on the shore of the Kuskokwim River. The Alaska State Troopers still aren’t sure who it is.

Bethel Family Clinic board chairman Don Black celebrates with Acting Executive Director Kyle McGrath and Dr. Allen Freudenthal. Freudenthal won the coveted Sockeye Award on May 14, 2018.
Dean Swope/KYUK

A veteran physician at the Bethel Family Clinic won the coveted Sockeye Award on Monday.

A teenager in the village of Kotlik allegedly armed himself with a butcher knife last Friday and tried to force his way into the village school. He is accused of stabbing his sister and another community member when they tried to wrestle the knife away from him, and his original target may have been the school’s principal.

It’s been five months since KYUK reported on the limitations in Bethel’s 911 system, and some of those issues still have not been addressed. If you call 911 from a cellphone, dispatchers still won’t be able to track where you are.