Police Investigate Death of Hooper Bay Woman in Anchorage

by Daysha Eaton on July 17, 2014

Anchorage PDPolice are investigating the death of a Hooper Bay woman in Anchorage. The Medical Examiner has positively identified the woman found dead outside Tuesday as 26-year-old Jessica Lake, originally of Hooper Bay.

Just after 5:00 a.m. Tuesday, Anchorage Police Dispatch received a call of a body outside. Police and medics responded to the scene near downtown Anchorage where Lake was pronounced dead.

“Police started conducting an investigation and a crime scene team was called out and essentially we have been investigating the death to ultimately determine whether any criminal activity was associated to the death,” said Castro.

Jennifer Castro is a spokesperson for the APD. Lake had reportedly been living in Anchorage for some time and was homeless. Castro says anyone with information about Lake should contact the APD. Castro.

“If they’ve spoken with her lately or anything of that nature. You just never know just something might help be a piece to the big puzzle here. So anytime anyone has any information about anybody sometimes that information can be helpful — especially if someone has talked to her recently or she mentioned anything about anyone to someone. So sometimes people may have just had a casual conversation but information that was given in that conversation that could be helpful to our conversation,” said Castro.

An investigation is ongoing and the medical examiner is still working to determine a cause of death.

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