Police investigate truck rollover

by Mark Arehart on November 20, 2012

The Bethel Police Department are investigating a rollover accident on Ptarmigan road over the weekend.

Just after 9 in the morning on Sunday, a purple Ford F-250 rolled off the road, down the steep shoulder onto Brown’s Slough. It came to rest upside down on the ice, with the roof severely caved in.

Police say there were three people in the car at the time of the accident—though no names have yet been released.

Two individuals fled the scene of the accident and a third was taken to the hospital in Bethel.

Police say charges are pending and alcohol is suspected in the case.

Bethel Fire Chief George Young owns the truck. He was in Anchorage at the time of the accident.

Young said the vehicle was not stolen, but did say there is an ongoing police investigation into the matter.

He said his children usually use the truck, but were not involved in the accident.

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