AVCP 53rd Annual Convention Meets Tuesday Through Thursday In Bethel

Sep 25, 2017

Henry Hunter address tribal members at the 2016 AVCP Annual Convention at the Bethel Cultural Center.
Credit Dean Swope / KYUK

Following opening ceremonies on Tuesday, Colonel Wayne Don of the Alaska Army National Guard will deliver the keynote address. Vivian Korthius will follow with the CEO’s address and then the afternoon will transition to a series of updates on AVCP’s programs, budgets, and audit and financial reporting.

On Wednesday the AVCP Governance Committee will review proposed bylaw changes. The Executive Board will present AVCP’s strategic plan, and then a series of panels will discuss various issues across the region: the future of child welfare, energy and economic development initiatives, resource protection, and rural Alaska tribal justice.

The convention’s final day, Thursday, will begin with a review of last year’s convention minutes, followed by a series of fishery presentations. The Resolution Committee will report on last year’s convention resolutions and then will review and approve resolutions made at this year’s convention. In the afternoon, delegates will elect a Second Traditional Chief and Unit Representatives for Units 1, 3, 8, and 10.

The convention will occur at the Bethel Cultural Center.