AVCP Delegates Appoint Unit Representatives To Executive Board

Sep 29, 2017

AVCP Executive Board Treasurer and Unit 9 Representative Edgar Hoelscher addresses the 53rd AVCP annual convention on September 26, 2017.
Credit Dean Swope / KYUK

Julia Dorris will continue to represent Unit 3 in the Upper Kuskokwim, and Marcella White will continue to represent Unit 8 in the Nelson Island area. Joshua Cleveland will now represent Unit 10 in the Lower Kuskokwim coastal area, replacing Annie Pete. Michael James will represent the newly created Unit 13, following a vote to allow the expansion.

The thirteenth unit is formed from four tribes formally included in Unit 1: Alakanuk, Chuloonawick, Emmonak, and Nunam Iqua. Unit 1 is now composed of only Kotlik, Hamilton, and Bill Moore’s Slough.

AVCP delegates caucused on Thursday to appoint the unit representatives to the Executive Board. All terms are three years.