Bethel City Council Gears Up To Appoint New Vice Mayor

May 8, 2017

On Tuesday, Bethel City Council is again set to consider a proposed amendment to the Ports and Harbor code. The complex measure looks at re-defining Port Commission and Port Director duties, making major changes to commercial barge traffic, and changing how boats are launched at the harbor.

The City Council will also consider a proposal from Mayor Rick Robb that seeks to make permanent changes to lower fees for disposing junk vehicles. He says the proposal would essentially make it free for vehicles, with batteries removed and fluids drained, to be disposed of at the dump.


“The intent is to make it easier to dispose of it properly. And that’s kind of in the spirit of Clean Up, Green Up,” said Mayor Robb, referring to a city-wide clean up effort scheduled for this Friday, May 12.


Mayor Robb says, with the change, if your vehicle isn’t drained, it might cost a bit more to dump the vehicle, but if it's drained and owners haul it to the landfill themselves, it'd be free.


Also on the agenda, the Council will appoint the next Vice Mayor to replace Byron Maczynski. Any of the six current City Council members could either be nominated or nominate themselves.