Bethel Man Accused of Assaulting Woman, Threatening Police With Shotgun

Sep 19, 2017

Bethel Police received a call about the alleged assault from a citizen near Atsaq Street.

On Saturday night, the Bethel Police arrested William Wassilie after he allegedly threatened several officers with a shotgun.

Wassilie, age 37, is accused of assaulting a woman outside of a Bethel residence and hitting her in the face with a shotgun. She later told the police that she was afraid that Wassilie was going to kill her. When officers arrived, Wassilie allegedly pointed his shotgun at them, refused to drop the weapon, and then barricaded himself inside the house. The Bethel Police believe that Wassilie was intoxicated at the time.

The police tried, but were unable to establish to contact Wassilie inside the residence. A tense stand-off ensued that lasted until about 11 p.m., when a team of officers forced their way into the house. They struggled with Wassilie, and then took him into custody.

Wassilie’s charges include two counts of assault three, or causing fear of injury with a weapon, and one count of assault four, or negligently injuring another with a weapon.