Bethel Police Arrest Man Accused Of Murdering His Wife

Jul 30, 2017

Yellow caution tape surrounds the alleged crime scene at 840 Jacobs Way where Jason Joseph Lupie is accused of murdering his wife Marie Beebe Lupie.
Credit Anna Rose MacArthur / KYUK

Marie Beebe Lupie, 46, was dead when the police arrived at a Bethel home early Sunday morning. She appeared to have suffered multiple bruises and lacerations, usually associated with a severe beating.

Her husband, Jason Joseph Lupie, 39, was arrested later that day for charges of murder in the second degree. That’s usually defined as an unplanned intentional killing, or a killing caused by dangerous conduct and lack of concern for human life. 

Throughout Sunday, yellow caution tape surrounded the alleged crime scene at 840 Jacobs Way. 

“At this time we’re still investigating,” said Bethel Police Chief Burke Waldron on Sunday afternoon. “We’re in the process of applying for search warrants with the court system and moving forward as quickly as we can.”

Police are working on the case with State Troopers and the Alaska Bureau of Investigation.

Lupie’s family has been notified of the event. 

Police are asking anyone with information about this incident to contact them at 907-543-3781 and speak with Investigative Sgt. Amy Davis.