City Council To Decide On Confirmation Of Interim Police Chief

Jul 6, 2017

Bethel City Council will decide whether to confirm the provisional appointment of Burke Waldron as Interim Police Chief on Tuesday July 11, 2017.
Credit Christine Trudeau / KYUK

The City of Bethel has been without a Police Chief for nearly a month, but that soon may change. Bethel City Council could confirm a candidate for the position at its next meeting. KYUK’s municipal reporter Christine Trudeau spoke with City Manager Pete Williams on the appointment.


Williams said that Council will decide whether to confirm his provisional appointment of Burke Waldron as Interim Police Chief on Tuesday, July 11. In the meantime, Williams said that he’s been overseeing the Bethel Police Department until Waldron’s arrival.


“There is three sergeants that are in the police department probably twice a week, if not more,” said Williams. “And then, of course, the emails I get are a lot more frequent than that.”


In the time since former Police Chief Andre Achee’s abrupt retirement last month, Williams said that he thinks they’ve done a pretty good job, all things considered.


“I don’t think there’s been any detriment to the services. The administrative part of it might of slacked off a little bit, but I’m comfortable so far. The big thing for us is that we will have somebody here,” said Williams.


Waldron has signed a conditional offer and is set to arrive Monday, July 10 to visit and appear at the next regularly scheduled City Council meeting the following evening.


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