Clarification Of City Code And Another Liquor License Are Before The Bethel City Council

Mar 14, 2017

Bethel City Council will be cleaning up some unfinished business to keep the city operating at Tuesday's meeting. The Council will also be reviewing yet another proposed liquor store. This liquor license application is from Steve Chung for the Tundra Liquor Cache. The final decision will be made by the state's Alcohol Beverage Control Board.

Among the house cleaning items are two left over from last week involving amending Bethel municipal code to clarify language on insurance requirements for taxis, river taxis, limousines, and buses. There is also an item to discuss city ordinance creation and implementation.

Along the same lines, there is a new item that would set aside no more than $101,000 to complete an employee classification plan for the city, and another contract for $410/month to Kagista Janitorial Service in Bethel to clean the space used by Children Services in the city owned Courthouse Building.

There's more, and it will be live on the KYUK airwaves when the Bethel City Council meets at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday.