Crooked Creek Fire Cools Down

Jun 9, 2017

Tundra fires continue burning in more than a dozen locations in Southwestern Alaska, but the fire of greatest concern is the Bell Creek Fire, which is burning in forest and brush close to Crooked Creek. A total of 61 firefighters and two helicopters have been assigned to the blaze, working out of a camp in Red Devil. They have been spreading hose lines to protect homes and other structures on the north edge of the village facing the fire, and also setting up a defensive line and dropping flame retardant. At last report, the fire, estimated at 2,675 acres, had come within a half-mile of the village. Interagency Fire Information Officer Andy Alexandrou in McGrath said that there was some rain on Friday, which helped to hold the fire down. Alexandrou also said that the fire is mostly expanding in a different direction and just "backing" toward Crooked Creek. Other fires in the region are located near St. Mary's and in numerous other places, some of which got some rain on Friday. The total extent of wildfires in Southwestern Alaska was estimated at 44,300 acres by Friday morning.