Escaped Inmates Caught And Back In Custody

Aug 27, 2017

About 24 hours after their escape from the Yukon Kuskokwim Correctional Center, Wilson Beaver and Carl Konig are back in custody.

The two inmates were apprehended at about 9:30 a.m. Sunday. Two Bethel police officers, with the support of State Troopers and a field probation officer, arrested the inmates without incident.

Beaver and Konig escaped YKCC on Saturday morning by shimmying their way through a storm grate. Beaver, age 43, is a violent sex offender who was recently convicted of burglary and sexual assault. He is scheduled to be sentenced on September 21 and will serve a minimum of 35 years in prison. Konig, age  31, is being held awaiting trial on two counts of assault in the third degree, one of which involves the intent to injure another person with a weapon. State Trooper Nicholas Hayes described both men as “very dangerous.”

The State Troopers and the Alaska Department of Corrections are still investigating the manner of Beaver and Konig’s escape.

KYUK's investigation into this story is ongoing.