"Incredible." One Word To Describe Bethel's Wrestling Season.

May 3, 2017

Freshman Hayden Lieb (left) and junior Thomas Dyment (right) became the first Bethel Regional High School students to compete at the U.S. Open Wrestling Tournament in Las Vegas.
Credit Darren Lieb

The Bethel wresting season has ended with two final tournaments this past weekend and the first appearance by Bethel wrestlers at a major national tournament in Las Vegas.

The two students— junior Thomas Dyment and freshman Hayden Lieb— competed at the U.S. Open in Vegas, where they did well enough to go on to the national tournament this summer.

Coach Darren Lieb said college coaches talked with Dyment while at the tournament.

“They want to get to know you a little better, so they can follow you next season and hopefully offer a scholarship. So we’ll see what happens,” said Coach Lieb.

In Greco-Roman, Dyment finished in the top eight of 16 junior wrestlers and placed in the top six out of 11 junior wrestlers in Folkstyle.

Lieb placed first in Freestyle and finished in the top eight out of 17 cadet wrestlers in Greco-Roman style and in the top six out of 13 cadet wrestlers in Folkstyle.

Meanwhile, closer to home this weekend, 56 Bethel wrestlers competed in the Alaska USA State Championships in Wasilla, where the Bethel wrestling club faced thousands of wrestlers from across the state.

In Women’s Freestyle wrestling, the Bethel girls took first place out of 27 teams with 90 points.

In Folkstyle Bethel ranked tenth out of 29 teams with 90 points.

In Greco-Roman Bethel placed eleventh out of 27 teams with 74 points.

And the Freestyle results have yet to be posted.

Overall, Coach Darren Lieb called the season “incredible.” In December, the Bethel high school team set a new state record by earning its seventh state championship and becoming the winningest small school in the state. Also at that tournament, freshman Hayden Lieb was voted Outstanding Wrestler of the Tournament.

A few months later, Lieb became the first Bethel wrestler to earn an All-American title.

At the end of the season, three Bethel wrestlers held national rankings in their weight classes. Senior Tristen Evan ranked 26th in the country in the 120 pound weight class. Junior Thomas Dyment ranked 12th in the 106 pound weight class. Freshman Hayden Lieb ranked 20th in the 132 pound weight class. And junior Avery Hoffman earned a Special Mention in the 113 pound weight class.

Lastly, senior Tristen Evan was voted the 2017 Dave Schultz High School Excellence Award winner for the State of Alaska.

Correction: A previous version of this story said college coaches talked with both Thomas Dyment and Hayden Lieb while at the U.S. Open Wresting Tournament in Las Vegas. This information is incorrect. College coaches talked to Dyment, who is a high school junior, not Lieb, who is still a freshman.