Kipnuk Student Charged With Terroristic Threatening And Assault After Causing School Lockdown

Apr 11, 2017

A Kipnuk student has been charged with terroristic threatening and assault after threatening teachers and students during an afterschool study session that sent the school into lockdown last Tuesday.

According to court documents, twenty-year-old Anthony Kashatok verbally threatened students and teachers in a classroom. When a teacher told him to leave, witnesses say Kashatok moved towards her as if to tackle her.

Another teacher stepped between the two, stopping the student’s advance. The second teacher then followed Kashatok out of the school to make sure he was leaving. As Kashatok walked out, he said he needed to get a gun.

The school was put into lockdown mode and parents and guardians were called to pick up the remaining 20 students in the school

The next day, after students arrived, the school locked-down again and a security guard patrolled the front door.

Assistant Principal Kim Sweet says that the staff handled the incident with “grace and professionalism” and says “things have returned to normal” in Kipnuk.

Kashatok is being held at the Yukon-Kuskokwim Correctional Center with bail set at $15,000.