Kwethluk Man Arrested For Attempted Stabbing, Home Invasion

Sep 7, 2017

The man was on probation after being convicted of a violent crime, and his limited freedom did not last long.

State Troopers arrested Marvin Nicori in Kwethluk last weekend after he attempted to stab several residents in the early morning.

The 26-year-old allegedly tried to force his way into a home, and then tried to stab two of the people inside. He is also accused of brandishing multiple knives at two Tribal Police Officers to make them stay away from him. Nicori then allegedly assaulted two girls nearby.

Nicori is on felony probation after being convicted of sexual assault in the second degree, and was only recently released back to the village of Kwethluk. He is charged with four counts of assault in the third degree, two counts of assault in the fourth degree, and one count of attempted burglary in the first degree. He was arraigned in Bethel yesterday, and his next hearing is scheduled for September 15.