Missing 11-Year-Old Boy, Wade Moses Lupie, Is Found

Aug 2, 2017

Wade Moses Lupie has been found at the Bethel library.

The 11-year-old’s parents reported him missing last night. Our reporting on this story is ongoing, but it appears that Wade spent the past couple days crashing at friends’ houses. This afternoon, residents saw him sitting at a computer in the library watching Vine videos. They told him to go home, and a citizen called the police.

According to his mother, Florence Sam, Wade was last seen Sunday morning at his grandmother’s house and mentioned that he was going to the skate park. He disappeared only a few hours after his uncle, Jason Lupie, allegedly killed his aunt, Marie Lupie. According to Acting Police Chief Burke Waldron, Wade was at his grandmother’s house when members of his family reported the crime to the police.

It’s been about an hour since he was found and Wade is already back at the library with his friends. He told KYUK that he was busy watching Vine videos.