ONC Seed Potatoes Now Available

May 17, 2017

Agnes Hoffman picked up her annual stash of seed potatoes May 16, 2017 at the Bethel ONC tribal building.
Credit Anna Rose MacArthur / KYUK Public Media

The ONC seed potatoes have arrived and it’s first come, first served at the Bethel tribal building. They’re free and come in three varieties: Yukon Gold, Cal White, and Cherry Red. 

“Get the biggest ones; lots of little eyes," said Agnes Hoffman as she bent over to dig through the boxes of brown potatoes in the entrance of the ONC building, placing the ones heavily dotted with seeds in her plastic bag.

“I’m getting the Yukon Gold and [Cherry] Red potatoes," she said, straightening up. "They really grow good with the ones that I have by my house, and then I share with my family that doesn’t have a garden.”

Hoffman was one of many people picking up their annual potatoes Tuesday. The food is a regional staple, and ONC offers the seed potatoes every year so people can grow their own, which Hoffman and her family appreciate.

“Golly, I have so many recipes," she said. "Scallops, fish soup, moose. Any way you want. Baked.”

To grow them, cut the potatoes in sections, with an eye in each section, then plant, water, and use this tip from Hoffman:

“Make sure when you get smelts, bury them whole. They’re the best fertilizer ever.”

The seed potatoes are at the ONC building until they run out. Each household is limited to 12 potatoes of each kind. Any member of the public can pick them up, just bring your own bag.