A Parking Lot, A Permit, And A Possible New Liquor Store

Jul 17, 2017

Last Thursday, July 13, the Bethel Planning Commission held its third hearing on Cezary Maczynski (above)'s plans for Kusko Liquor on the waterfront, granting him a Conditional Use Permit.
Credit Christine Trudeau / KYUK

801-B Front Street may be the new site of Bethel’s third and final liquor store. At last week's Thursday Bethel City Planning meeting, the Commission decided to grant Kusko Liquor a coveted Conditional Use Permit, pending a few conditions.


Last Thursday, the Planning Commission held its third hearing on Cezary Maczynski’s plans for his proposed Kusko Liquor store, located on the waterfront.


After introducing and providing background on the application, going over the Planning Director’s report, and hearing from Cezary Maczynski himself, the Commission took roughly 45 minutes to deliberate over the final conditions. Many of them involve parking.


“Number one, as proposed by the applicant, demolish the existing auto shop and replace it with the 25 foot wide driveway,” said Ted Meyer, Bethel’s City Planning Director, “a 4 foot wide walkway, a 10 space parking area, and a 25 foot wide parking lot isle, for two-way entry and exit vehicles.”


Meyer says that Maczynski must additionally install a “permanently affixed barrier” along the perimeter of the lot.


Plans for Kusko Liquor depict Cezary's Auto demolished, and in it's place 10 new off-street parking spots. City Planning Director Ted Meyer is pictured on the right in a photo taken July 13, 2017.
Credit Christine Trudeau / KYUK

The first hearing held on April 7 found that Maczynski’s plans cut his parking lot driveway 17 feet short of the Bethel Municipal Code, causing him to go back to the drawing board as the Commission granted him a continued hearing on June 8.


At the second hearing, Maczynski showed an entirely different site map for the parking lot and driveway for his proposed Kusko Liquor, and the Planning Commission decided to take a month to review it and take it up again on July 13. At last Thursday's meeting there was no need for more than a voice vote, with an all-in-favor vote to grant Maczynski the permit, but he'll have to meet the conditions before receiving it.