YK Fitness Center Repairs Almost Complete

Oct 31, 2017

Repairs to the YK Fitness Center are mostly complete, with some minor fixes remaining and a piece of equipment for maintenance work still needing to be purchased.
Credit Christine Trudeau / KYUK

Repairs to the YK Fitness Center are mostly complete, according to an email sent to the Bethel City Council by City Manager Peter Williams. Some minor details remain, and a piece of equipment needed for maintenance work still needs to be purchased. The email goes back over the history of work that was done.

“The City was right there making sure that they got addressed as quickly as possible,” said YK Fitness Center Facilities Manager Stacey Reardon.


Over the past year, repairs have been made to leaking windows in the pool area. In the mechanical room, a pressure vacuum valve needed to be installed in one of the water lines and the boiler needed to be upgraded with an emergency shut-off switch. These items were not included in the original design.


The Council passed a $40,000 budget increase to cover the repairs: a little over $7,000 for the boiler upgrade, another $7,000 for the contractor service, and an estimated $25,000 for future professional maintenance services.


Last Tuesday the Council began to address the maintenance hardware issue by directing the city administration to look for the right “lifting equipment.”


Council member Mark Springer said that these repairs are almost a matter of course for a hi-tech facility like this and that “the city fixed a couple of things that got missed in construction,” and that it was “better to fix them now than five years from now.”