Postal service investigators intercept illegal drugs/alcohol

by Sophie Evan on December 3, 2012

The Western Alaska Alcohol and Narcotics Team or WAANT, based in Anchorage, have intercepted illegal drugs and alcohol from going to a dry village.

WAANT investigators report that on November 16th the U-S Postal Investigation Service in Anchorage intercepted a suspicious package meant for a 29-year-old man from Chevak.

WAANT says the recipient consented to a search, which allegedly revealed sixty-one (61) grams of marijuana. The marijuana had a street value of a little over three thousand dollars ($3,000). WAANT says they are working with the Postal Service to identify the sender, and that there investigation is on going.

The Postal Investigation Service in Anchorage also intercepted yet another suspicious package on the 30th of November. The package was addressed to a thirty (30) year old female of Chevak. WAANT officers contacted the sender, a twenty-one (21) year old female who gave the okay to open the package. Officers allegedly found six bottles of R and R whiskey with a street value of $nine-hundred (900) dollars. The investigation continues and charges will be forwarded to the Office of Special Prosecutions.

Chevak is a local option community where voters decided to ban all alcohol .

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