Reality show seeks Rural Alaskan women

by Angela Denning-Barnes on February 15, 2013

An Anchorage-based casting company is looking for young Alaskan women to participate in a Florida reality show; specifically single women between 21 and 35 to travel to Miami to possibly find romance there. The show is for a major national television network. The shooting would last for 5 weeks and would be an all expense paid trip. KYUK’s John Active spoke with Mary Katzke with Affinity Films about the details.

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John: What’s the story behind the reality show?

Mary: They are trying to find somebody in a new area as opposed to their small towns that they’re from. And they are hoping that the women are real Alaskan, that they may be outdoorsy or they can hunt or fish or drive a dog team, drive a truck. That they’re not the kind of women you’d find in Miami because the story is a little bit of contrast story showing the women from rural cold Alaska going to tropical Miami to look for very different kind of guy. And it’s very fun spirited and it’s not one of these shows that is designed to have cat fights and get nasty. They want to show women that they truly support one another in their search for a partner.

John: Once the women are chosen do they go to audition in Florida?

Mary: No. What will happen is to send us a photograph of themselves or in a group with their girlfriends, if they are available. And then a one paragraph biography about themselves, where they grew up, what they like to do and who they area as people, hobbies and that sort of thing. And they’re not ruling out single mothers. You could have a child but you have to make arrangements for the child during the filming.

John: Will the women be safe down there?

Mary: Absolutely. It’s going to be 100% chaperoned.

John: What kinds of guys are down there?

Mary: (Laughter) That’s a really good question. I expect there’ll be a fair number of Latin men but all kinds of men. And also, I forgot to mention that they’ll be compensated for their lost work. What ever they make on their job they will be compensated for the time they are away. They don’t have to worry about that. They’re hoping that they’ll enjoy the journey and have some fun adventures. They’re going to provide the plane-fare, the hotel and a wardrobe infusion because I explained to them that Alaskan women don’t have a bunch of little cocktail dresses and bikini’s in their closet.

John: Any thing else?

Mary: Well, I hope they will hurry up and send their pictures because the producers will be coming to town next week to begin their next level and if we get enough of a response from Bethel, we will come out to Bethel to film your auditions.

Pictures and biographies can be sent to this e-mail:

For more information, you can call Greta Artman in Anchorage: 907-230-1604.

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