Legislative Ethics committee finds Representative Herron violated financial disclosure rules

by Ben Matheson on December 6, 2013

Bethel Representative Bob Herron has been found to be in violation of financial disclosure rules. The Alaska House subcommittee on Legislative Ethics announced their decision Friday after a year-long investigation.

The committee found probable cause that Herron knowingly did not report income between $98,000 and $220,000. The money was related to Golden Eagle Unlimited, which is under contract with the state for school bussing.

Herron also knowingly left out information about his stake in the company with a nearly 1 million-dollar contract, according the the committee. In an interview, the committee says he said he knew it was a state contract, but stated he did not know he had to disclose it. The committee said that Herron did indeed know that, considering his experience as a legislative staffer and as Bethel city manager. For that he is being fined 5,000 dollars.

The committee adds he filed incomplete information from 2009 to 2011 regarding five joint business ventures with another legislator. He also did not disclose his membership on five boards over the past five years.

Two complaints were dismissed regarding a state land lease with New York Creek Associates, and his participation in a vote related to student transportation in which Herron had a conflict of interest. They found that Herron declared that conflict of interest.

Herron has already been fined $7,446 for violations in an Alaska Public Office Commission investigation. The ethics committee is not pursuing any additional fines beyond the $5,000.

When he appeared before the committee, Representative Herron agreed that more information should have been provided and that he will make sure information is provided in the future.

Last month, the committee found that Bethel Senator Lyman Hoffman filed incomplete disclosures related to his interests in Golden Eagle Unlimited.

The complete decisions can be found here.

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