Revised broadcast schedule for Bethel Christmas Classic Tournament

by Shane Iverson on December 27, 2012

The Bethel Christmas Classic Basketball Tournament will be ongoing at the Bethel Regional High School Warriordome this weekend. Blizzard conditions on the coast halted travel for some teams on Wednesday, so the tournament schedule has been adjusted. Now the Girls tournament is playing a round robin tournament where all teams face each other. The boys are playing a more traditional tournament, but with a twist; the Bethel Varsity team was given an automatic spot in the final, while the other spot will go to the team that wins their way through bracket play.

Bethel Lady Warriors vs. Hooper Bay at 7:30 PM

Bethel Lady Warriors vs. Chefornak at 6:00 PM
Bethel Warriors vs. TBA, Tournament Final at 7:30 PM

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