Searchers come up with a few possible leads in Kusko SAR

by Angela Denning-Barnes on October 29, 2013

Searchers have found a few clues recently in the search for 37-year-old Nick Cooke of Bethel and 46-year-old Jim Lee Napoka of Tuluksak. The two men had been boating to Tuntutuliak for a funeral on Oct. 23 but they never showed up. They were reported missing Oct. 25.

Volunteer searchers from several communities are concentrating on an area at the mouth of the Kialik River about ten miles north of Tuntutuliak. That’s where they found Napoka’s boat submerged on Sunday.

Since that time, searchers found footprints on the shore near the boat. Alaska State Trooper Michael Wilson says they also found a pair of boots and a life jacket in the vicinity but they are unsure if they belong to the men.

Alaska State Trooper spokesperson, Megan Peters, says they found a gas tank today.

Troopers continue to conduct aerial surveys.

Bethel Search and Rescue is coordinating ground operations. Many villages have been involved including Eek, Napaskiak, Napakiak, Kwethluk, and Tuntutuliak.

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